Capital Realty professionals are specialists at packaging, marketing and negotiating commercial real estate sales offerings that result in closed transactions at the most optimum price obtainable for our Seller.

We possess the expertise and focus to aggressively seek out and attract local as well as foreign investors capable of closing on a purchase agreement.

Our track record reflects disposition of single properties for the individual investor as well as portfolio sales in excess of $100,000,000 for institutional owners.

Initially, we perform an evaluation analysis based on historical financials, comparable sales and the upside potential of a particular property. We compile a comprehensive presentation which accurately reflects the investment to prospective purchasers. We are committed to selectively marketing properties and are cognizant of the negative price impact mass marketing efforts and the uncontrolled dissemination of information can have on a sale.

Our experience and aggressive posture allows us to act as negotiating intermediaries to maximize our Sellers position.

We constantly evaluate a prospective purchaser's ability to close a transaction in order to avoid tying up the property for an extended period in a futile effort to close on a transaction.

We remain actively involved to assist a purchaser's due diligence effort and to aid the attorneys in closing the transaction.

We are committed to shepard the transaction from beginning to end, realizing our clients most aggressive sales expectations.


Acquisitions for the firm's clients focus on achieving their comprehensive yield goals in terms of both annual cash flow requirements and overall return upon the project's disposition. We search continuously for commercial property that can be purchased at values reflective of strong investment potential for a new owner.

Once identified, Capital Realty negotiates the purchase contract through each exhaustive detail.

Moreover our diligence procedures and economic feasibility studies include:

  • Reviewing each lease in detail and preparing an abstract, then comparing the lease abstract to the financial projections
  • Reviewing the property's operating statements in detail, then comparing the property's historical performance to the financial projections
  • Performing a market rent study and a comparison to the financial projections' assumptions
  • Reviewing all existing contracts encumbering the property
  • Reviewing the market and/or aerial photos of the trade area to determine the sites for potential competition
  • Meeting the appropriate State, County and City transportation officials to obtain information on any transportation construction projects planned in the immediate area during the next decade
  • Meeting with various public agencies and entities to obtain current information on the specific community's path of progress and direction of growth
  • Obtaining a structural/engineering review
  • Obtaining an environmental analysis
  • Obtaining a property survey

Upon completion, the financial projections are reviewed for accuracy, and fine tuned where necessary. If a purchase price adjustment is warranted, the contract price is renegotiated or the contract is terminated. The team then transitions into a closing mode. At this point, close contact is established with the management and leasing team to provide a seamless transition from the prior management and leasing companies.

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