Tenant Representation

With the nature of lease transactions becoming increasingly complex, negotiation of a lease requires the services of a real estate professional.

Three of the greatest benefits of engaging a real estate professional as a tenant representative are: 1) As a result of constant interaction in the real estate market, space that may not yet be available to the public can be identified; 2) The services of the real estate professional are typically paid for by the landlord, resulting in the delivery of a valuable service at no cost to our client; and 3) the real estate professional is obtaining information and providing services that would otherwise require services of key corporate personnel taking them away from the primary objective of running the business.

Utilizing our knowledge and experience representing the interest of tenants and landlords for many years, Capital Realty Services, Inc. provides tenant representation services for businesses looking to lease space in retail, office, and industrial properties. Drawing from our knowledge of market conditions, the firm first determines space requirements, focusing on both current and future growth plans. Ergonomic analysis is conducted to determine the type and flow of the space needed. An evaluation will be conducted to determine the optimal area where relocation will be pursued.

After obtaining and evaluating this information, the firm's personnel conduct an exhaustive search to identify all available, appropriate, alternative locations. Each location is analyzed taking into consideration cost, convenience, access transportation alternatives, parking availability and other qualitative elements.

Recommendations are made ranking each location. Once consensus is reached, all aspects of the proposed lease are negotiated to obtain the most advantageous terms at the lowest cost available. Upon completion of the negotiations of the significant deal points, the firm's professionals continue to work closely with other corporate professionals to complete the contract if so desired by the client. These services include interaction with and evaluation of the proposed space plan, if applicable.

Site Selection

Utilizing its market knowledge, Capital Realty Services, Inc. provides our clients site selection services throughout the State of Florida. The initial step in this service delivery is obtaining an understanding of the client's operations, target market, spacing requirements and financial capabilities.

After obtaining this understanding and identifying the location of all direct competition, an implementation plan is assembled identifying and ranking each targeted market. The plan is implemented through a detailed site search in each targeted market in conjunction with extensive dialogue with the real estate community to assist in the identification of all available qualified locations.

Upon identifying qualified locations, negotiations are conducted through an ongoing dialogue with the client to achieve the optimal transaction in relation to both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the desired goal.

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